Fun and gaffaws with The Joke Exchange

When your day begins with the local Police officers coming to share a joke with you then you know you are off to a good start. And Wolverhampton you certainly delivered.

The Joke Exchange is a brand new Funny Things commission that is looking to turn the BEST jokes from the city into a piece of artwork.

Last week the Joke Exchange landed in the city centre to talk to residents and share, gather and find the best jokes they could. Some raised a laugh, some more of a titter and quite a few a groan but we got hundreds of jokes (not all of which can be repeated). Now the team are going through the list to choose the best ones which will go on placards for display in Wolverhampton.

If you got involved and shared a joke last week then keep an eye out for an email or call to see if you have been chosen.

Thanks to everyone that came along a took part. If you missed out feel free to send us your favourite (clean) joke using #TheJokeExhange and tweeting us @FunnyThingsBC

Images by Nelson Douglas

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