The Joke Exchange want YOUR jokes

To get the tickle bones ready The Joke Exchange will be heading to Wolverhampton next week to prove a very important point. When reports from the Office for National Statistics stated the city was the unhappiest place in the UK, locals didn’t agree, and now the organisers of Funny Things are going to prove it isn’t true, with your help.

“We’re doing our own survey to find out how funny Wolverhampton is with the Joke Exchange.” Comments Festival Producer Jenny Smith. “Tell us a joke and we’ll tell you one back.

You don’t have to be a comedian or even be good at telling jokes, you just need something funny that you want to share. If your joke gets chosen it will be reproduced on a hand-held placard in the city centre.”

Each day in September a different joke will be displayed on the streets of Wolverhampton. The festival is especially looking for jokes that capture something of the classic Black Country sense of humour; they could be golden oldies, told in local dialect or reference nearby places or they could be something entirely new.

Come and find the Joke Exchange stall – they’ll be in the city centre from 11am-3pm on Monday 24th July on Lichfield Street, the stall then heads to the city’s markets on Tuesday 25th July and finishes at Queen’s Square on Wednesday the 26th July.

If you can’t make it to the stall then you can email your joke and the Exchange will send you one back in return. Jokes will be added to the long-list of funnies we select. Please put ‘Joke Exchange’ in the subject line and send your jokes to or tweet them and tag @funnythingsBC #JokeExchange by Friday 4th August.

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